Where is Shūnyam?


The Symbol ‘0’ is the graphic expression for Shūnyam. In English, True Nothing, Absolute Absence. It is the original formulated Self-Negating Expression, an instant contradiction, the short blade of Seppuku.

A Self-Negating Expression is simply an expression which you need to negate in order to get to what it is referring, pointing to. But you cannot go half-way, you cannot stop-short. You have to fully complete the self-scuttle, wholly round the circle. 

You will find Shūnyam at the terminus of ‘The Backward Step’, behind all intertwined Object[s] confuted as Subject and all interpretations of Subject fabricated in intricate diaphanous reflexive loops of logic and language, what we call ‘Self’. Where you thought there was a ‘Self’ as Subject, there you will find Shūnyam.

[If you find this claim excessive it can be reset in smaller steps. Instead of denying the presence of a ‘Self’, confirm for yourself the absence of any claimed Subject that is itself not a complex mix of Objects. The rest will follow. I’ll expand on this in a later Post.]

The way, the only way to arrive at the settled conviction of the absence of a Separated ‘Self’ is to be in clear sight of Shūnyam. Short of that, all talk about it is book-read gibberish.

Shūnyam was designed as a guiding-rail. Without it the ‘Backward Step’ is not navigable. You will spin indefinitely in self-referential loops with no exit.