The Principle Of Co-Dependence


The Principle of Co-Dependence, also called the ‘Doctrine of Dependent Designation’, has two parts: a ‘Sidewards Inquiry’ and a ‘Backwards Inquiry’.

If the Universe was entirely pink, I will never know it to be so. For me to see the pink, there has to be a touch of purple somewhere. A spot of not-pink so that I can see the pink.

Anything I spot is only spotted in relationship to what it is not. There has to be a minimum of two colors showing in order for me to see one color.

I see a red apple only in relation to a ‘not-red apple’, only in relationship to the ‘not-red appleness’ surrounding it. [‘Double’: The DNA Of Model’]

Is there anything out there which can be confirmed as ‘Independent and Separate’? This is the ‘Sidewards Inquiry’.

And one more thing. I need to be able stand apart from this red-apple, this pink and purple Universe in order to see that indeed this is a red-apple, to see that indeed the Universe is pink and purple.

I need, in other words, to be an ‘Independent and Separated Observer’.

When Professor Heidegger affirms a ‘Something’, he simultaneously affirms himself. Affirms his presence as an ‘Independent and Separated Observer’.

This is the ‘Backwards Inquiry’. It is much more involved, laborious and prone to error than the ‘Sideward Inquiry’ and requires its own set of Axioms.

This Principle, that something viewed necessarily presumes a viewer is central to all Vedanthic Teaching carrying the same weight as does the ‘Sideward Inquiry’ to high-end Buddhism.

The graphic visual image, the Symbol ‘0’, contains several layers of meaning. The most relevant are the partition of the contained [‘Defined’] within the boundary and the Uncontained [‘Undefinable’; ‘Not’] outside it. And the full rounding, the return to origin, marking the complete Self-Scuttle with no traces left behind.