I See, Therefore I Am


If the Universe was entirely pink, I will never know it to be so. For me to see the pink, there has to be a touch of purple somewhere. A spot of not-pink so that I can see the pink.

There has to be a minimum of two colors showing in order for me to see one color. [A simple version of the much-mauled Buddhist ‘Doctrine of Dependent Designation’.

And one more thing. I need to be able stand apart from this pink and purple in order to see that indeed, the Universe is pink and purple.

I get back home, look out the window and there she is. My ancient jalopy posing as a car.

I See. Therefore I Am.

When Professor Heidegger affirms a ‘Something’, he simultaneously affirms himself.

The big question of course is what is this ‘Himself’ that Dr. Heidegger simultaneously affirms.

‘Sight’ and ‘Thought’ and ‘Voice’ [Vox; ‘In the beginning was the Word‘] are for most of us our most personal possessions. But you will need to work through the whole list.

‘I Have, therefore I Am’ for the confirmed consumerist. ‘I Love, therefore I Am’ for the debutante romantic. You can play with this list for a long time. See the early Post: Cogito Ergo Sum

From the ‘I am Aware [Conscious], therefore I am’, very popular in Vedanthic circles to the Biblical: ‘I Am that I Am’ [ehyeh ’ăšer ’ehyeh; Exodus].

In philosophical circles variations proliferate [George Berkeley et al]. ‘If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound?’ Modern Academic Philosophy considers this a question of exceptional nuance.

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