Extracting ‘Self’


If you want to get a fix on Brahman, or just plain “infinity’, you first need to get a fix on this idea of ‘Self’. You need to identify it and take it out before you can say anything, anything at all, about them.

So how are you going to do it? Happily for us this is not a penetrating new insight. Its been explored and documented in every which way, up, down and sideways, for as far back as the literature exists.

More helpfully, every possible wrong turn, every miscue has been documented in black and white. Sometimes knowingly, often not.

‘Self’ is a complicated idea. We shall start with ‘Subject’. And begin by stripping it bare, by isolating what is the core relationship that underlies this idea of ‘Subject’. What is it, without which ‘Subject’ is no longer ‘Subject’?

But before getting there I’ll take the next dozen or so Posts to soften the ground a bit.