How to Grade Theater


Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton
Edward Albee’s:
Whose afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Real Theater should make you squirm till your bottom turns red

The Self-Eating Expression is a linguistic device. In other words, its not song or dance or gesture but language. And the basic linguistic expression is the Assertion or Statement.

And there are various ways to classify Statements. One of them is called the Chatushkoti [tetralemma, if you are partial to Greek].

It was widely used in the analytic Buddhist literature beginning the second century BCE but became prominent only after the rise of the Madhyamaka School.

‘‘This’ or ‘Not-This’’ is a low level of Understanding. Human or Divine; Good or Bad; True or False; Free-Will or Fate; Wave or Particle.

Low grade theater and simple, unambiguous characters.

‘‘This’ and ‘Not-This’’ is the next stage. God and Man; Male and Female; Courageous and Cowardly; Position and Motion.

Good Theater with richer, complex characters.

Finally, ‘‘Neither ‘This’ nor ‘Not-This’’. Neither Heaven nor Hell; Neither True nor False; Neither Now nor Then; Neither Here nor There; Neither Orderly nor Random.

Great Theater.

Above that? ‘That‘ 

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