The DNA Of Model


Cut once; get two. The minute you cut, you get a pair. A pair is the first and minimal unit of division, the elemental DNA, the fundamental building block, of every Man-Made Model. 

The expansions of Model are done through referential systems, mainly Language and Logic as mediated through the Meta-Trinity [‘Cogito Ergo Sum‘].

And once you grant the pair a self-evident truth, a string of irrefutable derivative extensions follow. And on this platform, all major Religions have erected their models of Divinity and Philosophy and Science, their altars of Truth.

This is the ancient metaphoric twosome of Purusha and Prakriti, loosely translatable as ‘Man and Nature’ or in folk-form, ‘Axle and Wheel’.

Subject and Object, Center and Circumference, True and False, Right and Wrong, Witness and Witnessed, Existent and Transient, Real and Illusion, Sacred and Profane, Achievement and Shortfall.

Transcendent and Immanent, the Inner-Inviolate versus the Outer-Defiled, an immaculate, permanent, pure Heaven in contrast to a violated, transient, impure World.

And the Diva of all Divides: ‘I’ and ‘Not-I’.

Again, do note that there is nothing ‘Erroneous’ about Double. Accuracy and Error are themselves doubles, as is the very notion of ‘Double’.

Absence and Presence, Emptiness and Fullness, Null and Whole, ‘Being’ and Consciousness. These are inexact but intuitively helpful beginning conceptual pointers that exit the scene once their work is done.

The word ‘Two’ has somehow managed to hold on to its clothes, keep its identity over the many centuries and continents it has crossed. I know of no other word quite like it [ well, perhaps ‘Ma’ and ‘Pa’]. Dvi [Sanskrit]; Duo [Latin]; Dio [Greek]; Do [Persian]; Tvau [Norse]; Tvee [Dutch]; and you can guess ‘Zvei’ and, ‘Deux‘.

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