Self-Reference: The Empty Mirror


Thought, Mind and Consciousness; the Meta-trinity. The machinery that makes the machine-tools that make the machines that make the machine-tools…that make the Models. The Epicenter of Self-Reference.

There are two aspects which define the Meta-Trinity.

Their self-referential nature, a repeated readiness to slip into the Self-Loop. And their intimate, inviolable relationship to ‘Me’.

The elements of the Meta-Trinity are nothing if not fecund and vigorous. They reflexively appropriate the Divine Ability to recreate in their own Image, double while remaining single, multiply and divide while all the time remaining themselves.

They can in other words effortlessly become Objects to themselves as Subjects.

More generally:

I can Understand; but I may not try to Understand ‘Understanding’.

I can do a lot of things with ‘Understanding’. But I may not try to Understand it.

Mind may not mentate about Mind. You can mentate about all things in this great and grand universe of ours. But you may not mentate about Mind.

Consciousness may not grasp at consciousness. Thought may not seek its beginnings in another thought. Concept may not conceive itself in another concept.

Logical Symbol may not grasp for its genealogy using other symbols of Logic, nor Mathematics in the axioms of Mathematics.

Language may not seek its source using Language. Word may not seek its meaning through other words.

I may not seek for the definition of  the word ‘Knowledge’ while in the ‘Know’. I may not search for the ground of ‘Being’ while in the ‘Be’.

And ‘I’ may not inquire about ‘Me’.

[So what happens if I do? Does the sky collapse? Do the mountains crumble? No. Something much more strange: I ‘Give Birth to Myself’.]