Lifting Myself By My Bootstraps


Until you get to Shūnyam, you are going to be tossing around in a whole host of non-existent divisions, spurious binaries. And each such division spews out a range of derivative splits and before you know it, you are firmly resident in a manufactured reality of ‘Subject’ and Objects. 

So how do I ‘Extract this ‘I”, also called the ‘Self’, out of the picture? People have tried a hundred different approaches over the centuries. Most do a partial extraction and then the process gets sucked into the Self-Loop, a self-referential spiral.

They pitch camp at waystation insisted upon as destination and weave for them selves a new Reality short of Shūnyam.

The most effective way to grab this very slippery ‘I’ is to laboriously identify this ‘Self’, every little feature of it, direct and inferred, and extract it using chopsticks, and put it aside.

But it gets a little more complicated than it sounds. Why? The first question a sensible person asks when embarking on this grand project is: ‘If I am extracting this ‘Self’, who is doing this extraction except this so-called ‘Self’?’

How do I lift myself up by my own Bootstraps? How do I scratch my right forefinger with my right forefinger? How do ‘I’ locate and extract ‘Me’?

Enter the Self-Negating Expression. And the Symbol ‘0’ is the original, the paradigmatic Self-Negating Expression. A synthetic construct, created specifically to deal with this seemingly impassable conundrum.

‘Giving Birth To Myself’

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