Man, Mind And Model


We view the World [and ourselves] largely through the prism of ‘Model’.

The word ‘Model’ is etymologically related to the Sanskrit Maya, from the root Ma: To Build’ and Manas [an early version of the modern: ‘Mind’].

The expansions of Model are done through referential systems, mainly Language and Logic. And the foundation of a modeled understanding is the presumption of a ‘Subject-Object’ Divide.

The ‘Subject-Object’ Divide [as in ‘Self and World’] doesn’t originate in heaven but in the very terrestrial assumption of an independent, separated ‘Self’ [a dressed-up Subject].

It is the first and only progeny of the primeval cleaving. The elemental DNA, the building block, of every man-made Model, which includes the notions of ‘Man’ and ‘Model’.

A ‘Model’ is a creation, a re-construction of the original, not the real-thing but its re-presentation. A Model of Reality, not the Real McCoy.

A toy-car is a model. So is a doll’s-house. But the most important models are mental-models, the ones we build inside our heads using things that ‘double’. Sign and Symbol that refer and come alive in such building blocks as the Alphabet, the Number System and other such kits of complex referencing signs. All mediums in fact conducive to referential traffic.

The word ‘Model’ is etymologically related to the Sanskrit Maya [from the root Ma: To Build’, commonly translated as ‘Illusion’] and Manas [an early version of the modern: ‘Mind’].

There is nothing erroneous or illusory about Model. ‘Error and Illusion’ are themselves modeled-views. As is the very notion of modeled-view.

In the hands of an accomplished architect, the complex architecture of building a house made up of ‘Subjects’ and ‘Objects’ can be an intricate, layered piece of Art.

The sprawling and sophisticated intellectual frame that directs and defends our entire contemporary way of thinking and living. Our ‘Man-Made Modeled World.