‘The Objectivation Principle’

The contradictions in Science, always present, came to the fore in the early part of the last century with the arrival of Quantum Physics. [500 years is not out of range historically for old Models to buckle]. It was the Usual Suspect, the assumption of an ‘Independent and Separated Observer’, the claim to the Subject-Object Divide. Dr. Heisenberg and others were now unabashedly talking about the Observer influencing the Observed. Dr. Schrodinger to me had the deepest insight on what was going on. 

The Objectivation Principle-the hypothesis of the real world..is a simplification where without being aware of it, we exclude the subject of cognizance from the Nature that we endeavor to understand.. which by this very procedure becomes the objective world.

At the end ..I put myself which had constructed the world as a mental product, back into it- with the pandemonium of disastrous logical consequences that flow from this chain of faulty reasoning..

The antinomy cannot be solved at the level of present day Science..[which is] entirely engulfed [in it]- without knowing it..Science must be made anew..’