A Pious Insanity

You don’t just wake up one morning and decide to get on the trek. It takes a lot of repeated stumbling and bruising hard-knocks. And there are lots of ways this can happen. 

I had been around. And I had slid. From an amused bemusement, past simple bewilderment, beyond all sophisticated skepticism, to a lurching unquiet desperation.

The modern equivalent of the mythic: ‘Disease, Old Age and Death’, the rousing that must precede every entry into the forest. [A gentler sensibility than mine would have flagged the Buddhist ‘Suffering’ [Dukkha], instead of a futile senselessness.]

Perhaps you are one of  the blessed, one with an easy, resilient faith. You don’t see what all the fuss is about.

Scrape the surface and nothing makes sense. So I sit on the side and agree to pretend.

Cherished, coddled paradigms that are deeply conflicted are preserved precariously with strips and patches of facile assumptions, specious logic and authoritative bluster. A Learned Ignorance replaced by an erudite cleverness.

You are finally ready to allow the possibility [and just the possibility] that most explanations are deflections, denials and exalted rationalizations.

That a pious insanity is afoot.

The seemingly flip tone of many Posts reflects the truth that to render them seriously, wrap them in sober didactic discourse, simply compounds the absurdity of explanation.

There is absolutely nothing ‘Wrong’ with absurdity, or for that matter, contradiction and conflict. They are part of the package-deal. But sometimes they can get unpleasant, very unpleasant. And it helps to sight their source.