‘Does God Exist?’

When I run out of old New-Yorker cartoons or R.K. Laxman clips, I scrounge my file-box for articles by western academic converts or learned theologians from elite universities. Articles with titles like: ‘The Ontological Necessity of God’…

‘Does God Exist?’, the indispensable question of every Thinking Man and Woman is premature and presumptuous.

The proper question, prior, proximate, more modest in its reach is: ‘Does Man exist?’

The Lady doesn’t need you to verify Her presence, thank you very much. She merely asks that you first confirm yours.

The launch to ‘God’ begins at the limit of ‘Man’. Any ‘God’ you find prior to reaching that limit is simply a labored extravagance, a deity in the image of Man. Spiritual candy.

To talk about ‘God’ is not an act of sober piety but one of vacuous arrogance. A displayed humility is greater hubris. Pick any theological text of any religion and be awed at the sweep of reckless excess.

It is comic fluff to grandstand about ‘God’ before first locating ‘Man’. The grander your tag the greater your pretense. You always and only seek to first verify the presence or absence of ‘Man’. And then go on to the Big One.

You always and only orient to Shūnyam [‘True Nothing’], to mortification, never the other way around [a Man-Made ‘God’ or ‘Ultimate Reality’ and such]. Hence shunyam.org.

The ‘Inward Turn’ of the Chandogya Upanishad around 1,000 BCE arose partly in response to this recognition. ‘Godless cult!’ was the first egg thrown at the emerging new Buddha-Dharma. This was rich.

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