The Only Tale



‘To elaborate is no avail…Learn’d and unlearn’d feel
That is so’

Walt Whitman: ‘Leaves of Grass

The Only Tale retold for the Modern Ear


The first 250 odd Posts date back to 2004 and make up the skeletal body of the Site. The subsequent Posts are elaborations on them. The former dissemble an order; the latter drop all pretense. See: SRA

Does God Exist?


‘Does God exist?’, the indispensable question of every thinking Man and Woman is premature and presumptuous.  The proper question, prior, proximate, more modest in its reach is: ‘Does Man exist?’

‘God’ is a very man-made idea; as is ‘Man’. And you will keep making-up Man-Made Gods [and Demons] until you are done with Man.

You never, ever seek the presence of ‘God’. The entire length of that road is littered with the wreck of broken bodies. You always and only seek to confirm the presence or absence of ‘Man’.

However exalted, supplicant, dismissive or derisory your views on ‘God’, it is best to hold your tongue. You first answer the question: ‘Is there a ‘Me’?’ before going on to the big one.

The Lady doesn’t need you to confirm Her presence, thank you very much. She merely asks that you verify yours first.

Thus Have I Heard


‘Thus Have I Heard’ is the ritual opening of a primary Sūtra.

The Sūtra asks:

‘Is there anywhere to be found, either by observation or by inference, and outside of an unexamined, inherited authority and unquestioned convention, an ‘Independent and Separate Observer, Self, Subject’?

In contemporary take, is there a separated ‘Self’ in the guise of:

A Physical Body, a Cell, a DNA Code, a Thought, a Mind, an Awareness, a Consciousness, a Totality, a Nullity, an Unity, an Entity, an Ego, an Energy, a Life-Force, an Intelligence, a Thinker, an Inquirer, a Speaker, an Actor, an Enforcer of Will, a Receiver of Experience, a Vehicle of Emotion, a Receptacle of Sensation, a Presence, an Existence, an ‘Organizing Principle’, a ‘Hidden Abstraction’, an ‘Inner Being’, a Spirit, a ‘Soul’…

[Go ahead and add any I may have missed. Don’t be shy.]


No ‘Enforcer of Will’ or ‘Receiver of Experience’ doesn’t mean there is no enforcement of will or reception of experience. What’s up for questioning is the implicit presumption that there is an ‘Independent and Separated Presence’ doing it.

The Little Fellow


And the Sūtra answers:

‘There is no Little Fellow behind your nose and between your ears, no Teddy Bear behind your heart and beneath your ribs, no Voyeur inside your eye and beneath your brow, that sees and thinks and feels and makes you laugh and makes you cry.

There is no center, no essence, no ground, no originating source, no terminating receptacle, no purported independent, separate, knowing ontological presence that is an ‘I’.


Don’t believe it just because the Sūtra declares it so. Perhaps there is a Teddy Bear behind your heart and beneath your ribs, just as you reasonably might have assumed. We are going to test this and find out for ourselves.

See: ‘The Upside-Down Test



‘Let me get this straight.

Your asking me if there is a ‘Me’? You want me to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to: ‘Do I exist?’ What sort of a dumbassed question is that?

Of Course I exist. Of Course there is a ‘Me’. Jeez! Everybody knows that! Says so right here on my application. Plain as daylight. Take a look.’


1. Name [Family]
2. Name [First]
3. Sex
4. Height
5. Weight
6. Ethnicity
7. Religious Affiliation [If any]
8. Cell Phone Number and Email Address
9. Residential Address
10. Drivers License State-of-Issue and Number
11. Date of Birth
12. Place of Birth [ City, Country]
13. Current Nationality
14. Marital Status
15. Spouse’s Name [If any]
16. Names of Children [if any]
17. Education [High School, College]
18. Occupation
19. Annual Income
20. Have you ever been convicted of a felony

[The Government agrees. Of Course you exist.]

Hide And Seek


If your pulse doesn’t race, you should be seeing a Doctor
Mastroianni, Anita Ekberg, Fellini’s: ‘La Dolce Vita’


My entire school education on Buddhism was summarized in the travesty of insight: ‘Desire is the cause of all suffering’.

So how does one: ‘Desire to Not-Desire’?

‘Detachment’ is the single most emphasized injunction in the Dharma. So how do you intend to detach if you are attached to ‘Detachment’?

How do you play ‘Hide and Seek’ with yourself?

What denatured Elysium do these pilgrims seek sans wine, women and earthly-folly?


The insight is a literal take on the ‘Second Noble Truth’, if you are curious as to where this beam of light came from.

See: ‘Dying to Yourself