I Think That I Think


It’s origin is unknown [grab that next thought please, and ask it where it came from].

It’s stage can’t be located. [Inside my head? Beneath the sink? In Kiev?]

It’s terminus is not found. [Where do all those thoughts go, like stairs in an escalator?].

I can’t see it. I can’t hear it. I can’t smell it. And any thinking about it, muddles it more.

I Think. I Think that I think. I Think that I think that I think…

No self-respecting scientist would take seriously something to which he cannot give the simplest of coordinates.

There is nothing I understand less than this thing called ‘Thought’. Yet nothing is more real to me than this which I understand the least.


I cannot deny you the smile: at  least one respected and self-important Philosopher majisterially defines a Philosopher as one who: ‘Thinks about Thinking’.

What is a ‘Thought’, Professor?


Do you know what a Fly-Cartoon3‘Thought’ is?

I am not quite sure what a ‘Thought’ is [but then, nor are Universities which do a fine trade in refining it].

So several prominent thinkers have been approached for help in the upcoming Posts.

The problem is that every time I work up a thought to nail this buzzing fly called ‘Thought’, I am squarely in the Self-Loop.

This thing I have nailed as ‘Thought’ by thinking about it, by that very fact, cannot be ‘Thought’.

Dodgy Fellow, this ‘Thought’. So try and not think a thought for the next sixty seconds.

The Empty Mirror


I can understand; but I may not try to understand ‘Understanding’. I can do a lot of things with ‘Understanding’. But I may not try to understand it.

Mind may not mentate about Mind. You can mentate about all things in this great and grand universe of ours. But you may not mentate about Mind.

Consciousness may not grasp at consciousness. Thought may not seek its beginnings in another thought. Concept may not conceive itself in another concept.

Logical Symbol may not grasp for its genealogy using other symbols of Logic, nor Mathematics in the axioms of Mathematics.

Language may not seek its source using Language. Word may not seek its meaning through other words.

I may not seek for the definition of  the word ‘Knowledge’ while in the ‘Know’. I may not search for the ground of ‘Being’ while in the ‘Be’.

And ‘I’ may not inquire about ‘Me’.



The Wild Monk from the West

The 28th Patriarch and
First Patriarch of C’han-Zen

If you use your mind to study reality, you won’t understand either your mind or reality.’


Chinese chroniclers [Tánlín, Dàoxuān, circa 550 CE] identify him as: ‘the third son of a nobleman of firm brahman stock from South India’.

Given what we know of dynasties and trade-routes, he was most likely from Kāñcipuram, the then capital of the Pallavas.

No shrines, no stupas; no one remembers anymore. But I can’t just blame the mild denizens of Kāñcipuram [the Lineage Seat of my family Guru, the Śaṅkarācārya].

Bodhidharma is best remembered by the adoring viewers of Bruce Lee and Shaolin Temple training-videos. I know of no one in Mumbai or Delhi who has heard of him. But it’s been awhile and perhaps they are on to some Bruce Lee videos by now.


‘Giving Birth to Myself’


You possess this wondrous thing called ‘Mind’. Right here, atop the synapse and betwixt the neuron.

You model yourself and the world around you in great sweeps of analytic glee. And then the conflicts and contradictions show-up.

No fear. You simply turn this formidable apparatus, this ‘Mind’, on ‘Mind’ itself. [A spot of grease should fix things nicely.]

You just violated the Virgin. You are re-born [‘Born-Again’!].

The Self-Loop


I look into a mirror. And I am absolutely certain that what I see is the source of my vision.

This is the birth of the Separated Self. The fall into the Self-Loop. The ‘Cycle of Birth and Death’.

‘I cannot see what see’s. Anything I see, by that very fact, is not what see’s’. These are the inviolable Virgins Twins.

If I violate them, get either one of them pregnant, if I stand convinced that I see my source of vision, I then: ‘Give Birth to Myself’.

In claiming to see my own eye, I become an Object to myself as Subject.

Deux Factus Sum. I am become God. I double while remaining single. I multiply and divide, while all the time remaining myself.