Tat [literally, That] is the opening syllable of the Gāyatrī Mantra of the Rig Veda Saṁhitā [3.62.10], the preeminent Mantra in the oldest text in the Vedic canon.

Siddhartha Gautama’s chosen name for himself was not as ‘The Buddha’ [a later appellation] but as the Tat-āgathā, the same ‘Tat‘ of the Rig Veda.

As a young man, I rendered the Mantra, invoked the deities, awoke the gods each day at sunrise. The observance of my orthopraxis. Less young, I stopped the ritual.

This, is the reclamation of That.

A singular mix of hubris, obsession and foolishness, the writing began, more a necessity for the author than of beneficence to any reader.

It is dedicated with admiration and respect to the one who hunts ‘The Great Doubt’ unarmed, pursues it wherever it may lead. And dares to stare the Bear in the eye.

S. R. Aiyer

First Publication [Print]: January, 2004
On WordPress: February, 2018

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