This Site began as a collection of old Posts picked-up from my file-boxes and prettied-up. Scripts I wrote when I was more earnest, eager to convince. Blame the Covid-19 lock-down for the change of heart. There are worse ways to waste one’s time.

‘The Natural Limit of Inquiry’ [Print, 2004] introduces the Symbol ‘0’ in the final pages, tracing its evolution into the much better-known later derivative expression: Shūnyathā. This Site goes back to the Symbol’s origin as Shūnyam, elaborates it to completion and illustrates it in contemporary setting.

The early and unedited material on this Site, the first 150-odd Posts, are mostly from the book and my original files [1999]. They follow a modicum of order. The What, Where, Why and How of Shūnyam and it’s historical evolution. And the foundational absurdities that birth in ignoring it, in being unalert to the Self-Loop. 

Rereading them, they clearly need an Editor’s tape and scissors. I’ll get around to it. [And my occasional didactic perch infuriates me no-end.]

The new Posts that follow, whimsical and wandering, make no pretense to elevated content. Yet you may find them of some value. Browse Post-Titles.

Shūnyam doesn’t disengage you from the World. Rather, it frees you up to be unrestrained in your fury and your foolishness.

Free, available everywhere, allowing dialogue, endless editing refinements, limitless page additions. Was there ever a better platform than a website to tell an interminable story?

Reader Comments are disabled for now [this is a one-man folly]. But if you spot obscure, conflicting or redundant language in the unedited Posts, you get the credit but drop me a line. I read my emails.

Praṇāmam, a deep gasshō, to every fearless hunter who stalks ‘The Great Doubt’ wherever it may lead. And dares to stare the Bear in the eye.


S. R. Aiyer